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Davidson's win worth $800 at Clay Oval Speedway

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August 3, 2017  |  by Steve Zwemke

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This guy won the Stock Car feature and what not and stuff and things.

Sed facilisis faucibus elementum. Donec elementum, nulla vitae vulputate ornare, erat eros dapibus sapien, sed pulvinar ligula purus eget nibh. Vivamus vulputate erat egestas lacus convallis cursus. Proin a interdum libero. Pellentesque blandit nisi elit. Cras ex sem, molestie eget est non, pulvinar molestie augue. Vivamus nec lobortis erat.“It looks like we’re racing for second tonight,” a couple of drivers joked when Holley USRA Stock Car ace Jade Davidson pulled into the pits Saturday night at Clay Oval Speedway. The $800-to-win event drew a 15-car field for the Stock Car portion of Dawson Pallets Night, including Davidson, who continues to be at the very top of his game.

The beginning of the feature was costly for Dustin Larson. After the first green flag, Larson got together with Dustin Gulbrandson. Both drivers had to go to the work area with a flat tire. They were able to tag the rear. With a lap scored, Roger Verdoorn jumped the next start while leader Stefan Sybesma held his pace at the front. The resulting accordion affect ended with Larson’s car disabled in the fourth turn. He was unable to continue from that point.

Sybesma continued with the lead early until Davidson sped past. Davidson, who started sixth, never looked back. His win also came with a $200 bonus from Big Orv’s Bar in Adrain. Davidson is the first driver to win Big Orv’s Bonus in the Stock Car division. The win was his second at Nobles County Speedway this season. He was followed across the line by Sybesma, Luke Sathoff, Dylan Fitzpatrick and Paul Wenzlaff.